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Packaging is an essential component of the export. The perfect condition must be saved and preserved for reaching their destinations. Regarding the condition, the condition of the packaging, the difference, and the sale is required, using content that follows. For more than two years, “Expomart India” is providing specialized expert, training and consultancy services in this area. The most comprehensive information base and expert knowledge are to assist government, business support organizations and business communities on all aspects related to export packing. “Expomart India”  is the most comprehensive knowledge database on global export packaging in the developed countries. Is a modular system in which packets of information technology has a broad range of packaging, product packaging specific rules, and 10 modules. “Expomart India” publishes packaging terms and packaging publications of internationally recognized multilingual concept



To create our packaging we have a team of designers and graphic artists that can create new concepts and samples, with particular care for the customers’ detailed requirements. The art department is located in-house, ensuring that both the artwork and artwork sign-off is completed in a timely manner to meet your most urgent packaging requirements. Abbe also controls the complete pre-press process in-house by making printing plates. This streamlines the process and saves time ensuring that new orders are delivered quickly and of the highest quality.



Like the packaging, labeling should also be done with extra care. Exporters are also required to get acquainted with all kinds of signs and signs and should use all these national and international level roles while using this symbol. The labeling should be in English and the original language words which should be bigger and as important as any other English word on package or label.
Labeling on the product provides the following important information:

  • Total high quality of the shipper (in pounds and kilograms).
  • Number of packages and size of cases (in inch and centimeter)
  • Handling points (International graphical icons)
  • Warning signs, such as On this side. Labels for hazardous material a port of entry