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Company Profile


We have extensive experience in agricultural products because we have originally come from farmer background, so we know the best and the bad side of these products. For three decades we’ve been on this line. Our expertise is useful when we manufacture these products in our own fields and buy those products from other farmers. Due to our appointment of qualified and experienced people in our company, we provide our ultimate consumer customers with the best rates of their products and the best prices of their products at a reasonable rate of their products. Our business strategy is that you should buy our farm products directly from farmers so that you do not have to work in the middle of time so that at a lower price, we can offer our customers low prices at our prices. We pursue international standards so that we can easily give our customers the products available. Our company is 1600 km in Maharashtra state. It’s at the distance. The length is below the coastline. There are many ports available in Maharashtra, so our strategic location is more useful without delaying any product. We sent our shipment timely so that our customers will get their products very fast. We take care of our entire business partner because we believe that you can live with their life

Our food and veg, fruit sales sector are working to ensure that every contract is implemented to fit the needs of our customers. The sales team assesses quality individually and facilitates all shipments. Our Super Warehouse teammates are the perfect loading expert for a mixed container. Our ability to ship small numbers of many different items in an air shipment or boat shipments allows you to meet our customer’s needs for bulk products. Special labeling and packaging facilities are handled as part of our Services. Suppliers are equally content with the number of orders we are able to supply in most customers and markets.

We have the reliable and sophisticated infrastructure with you, and it helps us in quality processes and our food and fruit packaging. Apart from this unit, we have developed packaging unit, in addition to this well-equipped infrastructure and has a separate calorie unit and clean unit, which can offer flexible packaging according to the needs of the customers.

Our infrastructure has the following features: Security net was established so that the container should not be left open The latest Buhler cleaning plant Convenience for healthy packaging Z Series Color Sortex Machine for grading Our technicians have been carefully monitored, this machine facilitates the process of production, harvesting, and packing. In this way, this modern infrastructure works as a cornerstone of our organization.

Warehouse Facility:-

In our infrastructure base, we have developed wide warehousing facilities. Our Warehouse is fully equipped with all the essential facilities needed for the safe and proper storage of products. To avoid any kind of chaos when sending, we are divided into different sections in our warehouse.

Company Highlights & Facility


Quality Assessment

Facilities in home laboratories for everyday evaluation of quality.

Quality manpower

High-quality technical staff to work in clean and safe working environment.

Enhanced Technology

A fully automated plant to create uniforms, clean, quality products through a computer system in at least human contact. The topic of technology will take care of the state of mass production.


Ideal for planting raw material at any place in India or anywhere in India, the ideal place for the distribution of waste and convenient location to distribute worldwide distances.

Research and development: a Full-fledged section with a specific team to bring innovation into food. Area.