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Quality & Safety


Quality control is strictly used in all stages of cultivation and processing of products as per quality standards set by buyers/importers. Apart from this, standards implemented by American and European laws should be followed. Production units have implemented Hazer Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system in which the quality of the product can be searched for all critical control points.

Company’s quality & Policy


Expomart India believes that its success depends on the continuous supply of high-quality services that meet or exceed client expectations. We are committed to continually improving our services through the implementation and maintenance of our HSEQ Management Systems. Towards this end we measure, evaluate and validate every project for effectiveness, both internally and externally.
We believe the responsibility for achieving our quality commitments is in the hands of all Expomart India employees, both in the execution of their jobs and in their relationships with clients. Expomart India’s commitment to quality is the foundation of its Quality Policy.

Food security has become a major concern for everyone. Customer awareness and environmental awareness have been started since the beginning of the “Indian Exhibition” for sanctity and cleanliness, and nothing is taken to assume if our mission is to maintain high-quality standards.

Expomart India” has partnered with state-recognized well-equipped quality control laboratories with the capability to test physical, chemical and microbiological parameters to produce safe, clean products and meet the needs of our customers.

We pursue the process of testing our raw materials in order to ensure quality control and to come up with accredited laboratories to process food quality according to the criteria and regulations of different countries given by the food department.

Tested before the shipment, our incoming products go to the regulatory foodstuff according to the Indian standards and for microbiological analysis, a separate laboratory is sent. We comply with the laws of health and safety of our customers’ countries. The content of products and batch coding ensures that traceability is possible at every stage.

Every product documentation you purchase from “Expomart India” goes through quality checks. We have created a future quality system that ensures production is always very detailed.

We are affiliated with recognized ETO and sterilization units of Government of India; That’s why rubbishing and disinfection can be done at the request of the customer, thus giving all the available options available to the disinfection of your customers.