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Social Responsbility & Commitment


Eco-friendly culture and rule

In “Expomart India” are committed to maintaining a balance of business issues while protecting our family for future generations while running the environment. “Expomart India” is committed to protecting the food and fruit environment and recognizing the connection between the operation and process operation of our spices in your local environment. You also realize that due to the efficient use of energy, raw materials, water and packaging, environmental impact should be minimized and it should be practiced in our operation.

Large Plantation Program

  • People who grow plantation are beneficial and identify.
  • Setting up of ponds and establishment of ponds in most villages.
  • Providing garbage to Panchayats.

Business Social Responsibility

An essential element of your corporate social responsibility is to take care of society. We strive to make a positive contribution to the disadvantaged community based on the broad range of socio-economic, educational and health initiatives. Many community projects and programs participate in active participation in our staff and participate in exhibition participants from India. Our commitment to fulfilling the social needs of our philanthropic channel run by “Indian Exposition” team Programs have been made available by the “Indian Exposure” team to improve, promote and inspire all our initiatives, “deprived” people’s lifestyle. And provide direct help and resources to individuals, families and other charitable organizations. There are experiences and individual opportunities for people in the community who do not have much or less access to any support.

Corporate Social Commission

AT “Expomart India”, our commitment to values is a communities around us. We believe in giving back. We encourage our people to play an active role through the company and personally contribute to the community around you. “Expomart India” includes Society Service Running Programs in which shareholders have actively participated in such initiatives, work in disadvantaged children and actively involved in the rehabilitation and support of the victims of natural calamities which affect our local neighbors, such as December 2004 tsunami activist In fact, there is a tremendous earthquake in Gujarat, along with our business, we are constantly looking for ways to promote our society.

Improved farming practices

In addition to meeting the basic needs of our customers, our products are strictly pesticidal and in the European Union, US. And also visit the Falstoxin criteria set by the ANZ region. In this process, we have been successful in developing good farming techniques with farmers who adhere to good agricultural practices and reduce pesticides in crop cultivation. In addition, high returns and good quality of life for farmers, we have performed significant surgeries in improving the surrounding environment, due to the reduction in the use of chemical pesticides in the field of cultivation, the total reduction of toxicity in respiratory air, in large number of pesticide spraying practices, in the villages of adoption, and post-harvest And storage It was the biggest decline in num.